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Wine Slushy


This is a nice twist on summer time frozen drinks.  A wine slushy! Doesn’t that sound delicious?  It is also really easy to make, most of it can be done ahead of time, and the ingredients are clean and healthy!  This will be a favorite drink while sitting out by the pool, or for a summer night BBQ.  I got this recipe from, and here is the very simple instructions:


  • 1 bottle of Riesling
  • 2 cups hulled strawberries
  • 1 tablespoon of fresh lime juice
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar


Set aside one cup of Riesling in the fridge to chill.  In a food processor, puree strawberries with the remaining wine, lime juice and sugar.  Pour the mixture into ice-cube trays and freeze until solid.  When you’re ready to serve (or drink), puree the ice cubes with the remaining wine in your blender.


Wine Sippy Cup AKA Vino2Go

When I first got married my wife and I had these really nice crystal bubble wine glasses.  If I remember correctly we were give a set of four of them.  The problem was, after a couple of glasses, we tended to knock them over.  Or, we would take them with us outside as we walked around the backyard, and we would set one down, and… good bye nice crystal wine glass.  When I saw these wine sippy cups I was instantly reminded of those glasses.  These are pretty funny, and totally goofy, but they do make some sense!  You can get them HERE on Amazon.

Custom Wine Labels

I like to bring a bottle of something when I go to a Holiday party, and who doesn’t like a nice bottle of wine?  This site is awesome, they let you create your own custom labels to go on your bottle for free!  They have tons of templates to choose from, then you can ad your own text, and photographs.  No matter if you make them funny, make them sweet, or make them cool, you are guarenteed to make an impression!  What a great keepsake too!  Check out Windsor Vineyards here.  Here are a couple of examples of the many templates you can choose from.


What a cool invention this thing is.  If you are a wine drinker, you are going to love the Corkcicle.  Basically the way it works is like an icepack that fits perfectly into a bottle of wine with a cork on top.  So you just take your Corkcicle out of the freezer, and after you take your first glass of wine to make sure it hasn’t spoiled, you just insert the Corkcicle to re-cork your bottle.  The size and material has all been scientifically tested to bring your wine to the perfect temperature.  When you are done with it, you just wash it off and stick it back in the freezer for the next bottle.  Great for parties when you have a bottle of wine sitting out on the bar, or table.  And, for under $25, it’s worth a try!  I know I will be getting one for my in-laws for the holiday season.