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Feeding The Birds For Peanuts

My oldest son loves birds, something he shared with my aunt.  For Christmas this year he got a really nice bird feeder that you can stick to the window to get up close and personal with the birds.  It’s very cool.  I was looking for something that we could hang from the tree in our back yard that would look cool, and would keep the birds on it so we could watch them for longer.  This peanut feeder looks really fun.  It is supposed to attract Blue Jays, which are his favorite, and I think they will sit on it, and have to work a bit to get the peanuts out, and then spend some time cracking the shells.  I’m pretty excited about it.  It also looks really cool too!  The only thing I am concerned about is the squirrels.  I don’t mind feeding the squirrels too, I just hope they don’t empty the nuts in one day!  Maybe I will have to ad a cover like the one on the DIY Dish Bird Feeder.  I was also thinking that I could make one of these peanut wreaths using a coat hanger and a slinky.  I may have to try that before I spend the $15 for this one.


DIY Dish Bird Feeder


Spring is coming soon!  The birds should be migrating back any day now.  This is a really fun way to make a feeder from very inexpensive supplies.  You can buy the dishes at any local thrift store, or garage sale.  Then all you need is some hardware from your lumber or hardware store, and some paracord.  The tutorial for this on ErinsCreative is really good too.  Bird feeders are a great way to bring the wildlife close to home, and help feed the animals!