Safe Sunscreen

My husband and I do our best to mindfully select products and food that are the best for our health and the environment.  It can be tricky with so many different labels (ie organic vs natural) and products claiming to be good for you and with the constant flow of contradictory information coming out on what’s okay and what’s not.  Confusing at the very least! There is a site that I visit regularly for good solid information.  This is my “go to” especially when it comes to selecting the very best products for our son, The Environmental Working Group or EWA. In a nutshell they’re:

The nation’s leading environmental health research and advocacy organization.  Our mission is to serve as a watchdog to see that Americans get straight facts, unfiltered and unspun, so they can make healthier choices and enjoy a cleaner environment. 

Now that the temperatures are warming up and my son is over 6 months old I’ve been doing some research on the safest, most effective sunscreen.  I figured while I’m at it I should see about a great sunscreen for my husband and I as well. I went through many of them and found the top ones that are rated the safest according to the EWA, are at an affordable price point and can be found/purchased easily.

For Children (6 months and older)

Badger SPF 30+ Baby Sunscreen about $13 (plus free shipping) on Amazon


Think Baby SPF 50+ about $13 on Amazon


Seventh Generation Baby Sunscreen SPF 30 about $13 on Amazon


For Adults

Kiss My Face Natural Mineral Sunscreen SPF 40 about $13 on Amazon


ThinkSport Livestrong Sunscreen SPF 50 about $15 on Amazon