Repurposed Keys To Hang Your Keys

My oldest son and I were going through an old bag this weekend, because he wanted to use it.  I hadn’t used it in a while, but it still had a bunch of stuff in it.  One of the things we found was a ring of old keys, keys that I had no idea what locks they opened.  I wanted to see what I could make with them, and I found this great DIY on  I am always losing my keys, and am really in need of a place to put them when I come in the house.  I have a pretty big key chain, It only has 4 keys on it, but I keep lots of small tools hanging on there as well, so I always have what I need.  This would be a great way to keep my keys in the same place every time, and to make something that looks cool to hang by my door!



  1. Place a key in the vise and carefully bend the stem into a hook with the pliers. (This is one thing I would do a little differently. I would use a needle nose pliers, and apply a small amount of heat so that I could bend the keys up a little more without breaking them.)  If you don’t have a vise, bend the key by gripping the stem with the pliers and pressing the head against a hard surface. Repeat with the remaining keys. (Note: If you are using very old circular keys, you will need metal working equipment to heat and bend them).
  2. Line up the bent keys on the piece of wood. Measure and mark the points where you want to attach them.
  3. Attach the keys to the wood with nails or wood screws (for a nice touch, use decorative furniture nails).
  4. Attach to the wall using picture wire, or screw the wood directly to the wall.