Glow In The Dark Log Stools

One of the great things about the summer time is getting to be outside more.  Not just during the day, but getting to be outside at night is extra magical.  I love sitting around an outdoor fire at night, just sitting quietly listening to the fire crackle, and the sounds of night bugs and frogs.

I built a great fire pit at my parents’ house that is circled by log stools for sitting around the fire.  Once it starts to get late, and the fire starts burning low, the stools become hard to see, and I have stubbed many a toe on those stools!  This is a super fun way to keep those stools visible and ad some glow fun to the fire pit.

Paint the tops of your log stools with glow in the dark paint.  I looked through a lot of different glow in the dark paints, and found these to be the best bet: Glow Inc. Paints from Amazon come in a couple of different colors like green, blue, purple, and white.  I was unable to find any in red and oranges like those shown in the picture below from, so if you can find any good ones, please let me know in the comments.  Aside from just painting the logs with the glow paint, I would suggest also giving them a quick coating of spray shellac just to make the paint last longer out in the elements.