Garden Penny Ball

My wife was cleaning out an old purse last night, and kept pulling out handfuls of pennies.  I always save all of my change in a jar, as a vacation savings plan.  I’ve been saving for close to 4 years now, and plan on cashing in next summer.  I don’t, however, save the pennies in my vacation savings jar.  So I have a bunch of pennies laying around as well.  So I decided to take a look to see what I could do with all of the pennies besides cash them.  I found this awesome looking penny ball that you can make for uh… pennies.  All you need is some good UV resistant and waterproof glue, a bunch of pennies and an old bowling ball.  I find bowling balls at thrift shops and garage sales all the time, and for a dollar or two.

One of the really cool things about this penny ball is that it not only looks really cool, in my opinion, but also repels slugs from you garden, and if placed near your hydrangeas, will turn their flowers blue!

penny ball