DIY Rainbow Crayons

If you could get a nickle for every broken crayon laying around I think every parent would be rich! I loved this idea as it’s a great way to re-use them and adds a little more pizazz to the crayon collection for the kids.

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What you’ll need:

  • 4 clean tin cans
  • 4 empty Rx pill bottles or film canisters
  • old and broken crayons in 4 different colors


1. Choose one color to start. Remove the paper wrappers from all the broken crayons and break into smaller pieces.

2. Place the broken crayon pieces (making sure they are all the same color) in a clean tin can.

3. Boil some water in a medium saucepan. The water level should be low; just a few inches of water should do the trick.

4. Once the water is boiling, gently place the tin boiling water so the bottom part of the tin can is immersed. Keep a very close watch as the crayons melt; it will only takes only a minute or so.

5. When the crayons have completely melted, work quickly to pour the colored wax in equal parts into the pill bottles or film canisters.

6. Allow the wax to harden; it should harden very quickly (it will take just a few minutes or so) but if you want to speed up the process you can stick them in the freezer briefly.

7. Repeat steps 1 – 5 again, this time with again with a different color crayon: break the pieces of crayon, melt them in a new clean tin, and pour the melted crayon into the bottles on top of the previous color layer (being sure the previous color has completely hardened). Continue doing this with all you crayon colors. You can make as many layers as you like.

8. Once the last layer has hardened, these are surprisingly easy to pop out of the bottles. Carefully stick a knife down into one side and it pop it right without damaging the wax shape at all.