DIY Orange Vanilla Handcream

I’m picky about what I put on my skin and even pickier about what I put on my son’s. Many beauty products on the market are chock full of toxic ingredients. There are some fantastic organic, non-toxic varieties out there however you certainly pay a premium for them which is why making your own is a great solution.  This recipe sounds so good I want to eat it! :)


Orange Vanilla Handcream (for full recipe & instructions visit Blah Blah Magazine)

You’ll Need:

  • 12 g/0.4 oz cocoa butter
  • 12g/0.4 oz beeswax
  • 30ml/1 fl oz almond oil
  • 10 drops of carrot or borage seed oil
  • 10 drops orange or tangerine and vanilla essential oils (optional)