DIY Foldable BBQ Table

What a dream this would be!  When the weather is warm, you can find me outside just about any night, standing in the smoke of my grill, or my smoker.  There is just something so special about cooking outside on actual fire (I have an electric stove and oven).  Be on the look out for lot’s of outdoor cooking posts now that it’s warming up!  So, one of the things about cooking outside is that I keep my grill on the stone patio where things are a little more fire proof (I cook with charcoal, not gas), and all of the tables are on the wooden deck.  So, I would love to have something that I could keep all of my food and grilling tools on while I’m working the grill.  Plus, this looks like it would be really fun to make.  I would love to get my kids working on this with me.  I think I could even get a lot of the lumber for it from old pallets, so it would be really cheap to make as well!  The DIY instructions come from  They have a great tutorial with great pictures as well, so if you want to make this, go check the tutorial here.