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Colorful Bird Nests

This is a great way to help the birds, have some fun, and reuse old scraps!  Right now I see birds behind my house flying with all manner of straw, string, and grass in their mouths building nests like crazy!  Why not help them along?  Here is an idea from  Just take a nice cheap Suet Feeder, and fill it with old yarn scraps about 4 to 8 inches long!  The birds are usually pretty comfortable with this kind of feeder, and yarn makes great nesting material.  Plus, the birds will have beautiful colorful nests.  How fun would it be to go exploring with the kids in the woods, our around your house to find the nest with the colorful yarn in them, and know that you helped that bird make it’s home?

I know, I was skeptical at first as well, thinking that this would make it easier for predators to find the nests and things like that.  However, FiberFarm did a little research before posting the idea, in this is what they came up with: The Cornell Lab of Ornithology gives yarn scraps a thumbs up. (Scroll down to “Nest Material”). I have also gotten approval from the Audubon Society BEFORE posting this. In other words, actual EXPERTS approve of this project. I’m sure that whatever your cousin’s neighbors best friend had to say about is interesting but I am sticking with EXPERT opinions on this.  But thank you.

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Feeding The Birds For Peanuts

My oldest son loves birds, something he shared with my aunt.  For Christmas this year he got a really nice bird feeder that you can stick to the window to get up close and personal with the birds.  It’s very cool.  I was looking for something that we could hang from the tree in our back yard that would look cool, and would keep the birds on it so we could watch them for longer.  This peanut feeder looks really fun.  It is supposed to attract Blue Jays, which are his favorite, and I think they will sit on it, and have to work a bit to get the peanuts out, and then spend some time cracking the shells.  I’m pretty excited about it.  It also looks really cool too!  The only thing I am concerned about is the squirrels.  I don’t mind feeding the squirrels too, I just hope they don’t empty the nuts in one day!  Maybe I will have to ad a cover like the one on the DIY Dish Bird Feeder.  I was also thinking that I could make one of these peanut wreaths using a coat hanger and a slinky.  I may have to try that before I spend the $15 for this one.


DIY Dish Bird Feeder


Spring is coming soon!  The birds should be migrating back any day now.  This is a really fun way to make a feeder from very inexpensive supplies.  You can buy the dishes at any local thrift store, or garage sale.  Then all you need is some hardware from your lumber or hardware store, and some paracord.  The tutorial for this on ErinsCreative is really good too.  Bird feeders are a great way to bring the wildlife close to home, and help feed the animals!

Spoil Your Pet

How to spoil your dog without spoiling your pocketbook:
Let’s face it; your pet loves you unconditionally! Don’t you wish there was a way to reciprocate the love? Well now there is with PetFlow’s Spoiled Rotten Box.
This is a really great deal that my dog Willie loved!  As soon as The box came to the door she was jumping and sniffing at it.  I didn’t even tell her it was for her!  I opened the box, and she immediately had her nose in it sniffing around.  Then she took a treat, and started biting into it with the wrapper still on, she never does that!  Willie is an extremely picky dog, so I was thrilled to see her so excited by this box.

The box contains toys, treats and healthy supplements. The treats are all high quality products, none of which are made in China, and they have been field tested by PetFlow’s own dogs and cats (who love them!). There’s a surprise in every box, and a description of every item you get. Not only is this a great gift for your pet, but it also makes a nice gift for someone else’s furry friend. You will receive one box per month and can cancel any time. Each box has $40 worth of products that are all full-sized (not just samples) but you only have to pay $24.99 including shipping!
As a pet owner the perks are great, but most importantly the box is guaranteed to make your pet happy….after all, isn’t that what it’s all about? I just gave myself goosebumps. This is such an exciting deal, saving money without sacrificing quality.

Aquaponic Fish Tank

This is what I want for Christmas or Chanukah this year!  The aquaponic fish tank that cleans itself, and grows organic hydroponic herbs right in your kitchen!  What a great way to teach the kids about the environment, and how plants and animals wok together to make the planet flow.  I lived in a giant greenhouse in college with one of my best friends who built a system like this on a very large scale.  In his aquaponic system, he also bred talapia, so you could also eat the fish from the system.  It really is an amazing way to grow, eat, and learn.  They are not for sale yet, but you can be a backer on their Kickstarter page here.

This is from their Kickstarter page:

  • So what’s happening? The fish, they poo and they pee, and all that waste-water gets broken down by beneficial bacteria into nutrients
  • The waste-water from the fish is then pumped up & upcycled as an awesome organic fertilizer for the plants. The plants take up the nutrients and, at the same time, clean the water which then falls back down for the fish.
  • There is no soil – the plants are growing just on rocks – all the nutrients coming from the fish (no need for any artificial fertilizers – it’s all organic!!)
  • There is no need to clean the water because of the plants – it’s a self-cleaning fish tank!

What Can I Grow?

Choose from a variety of fresh produce, including spinach, baby greens, oregano, beans, basil, mint, parsley & thyme.

Mystery Creature

Another creature that looks like it would be at home in a Star Wars movie.  Have any idea what it is?  I saw this on my friend Vikas’ page, as re-posted from Milky Way Scientists on Facebook. Here is what they say about this little guy:

It is a……… caterpillar!  “The fluffy caterpillars of the family Megalopygidae!

This particular caterpillar was found at Posada Amazonas lodge in Tambopata, Peru, and it is almost a fully grown caterpillar belonging to the family Megalopygidae, also collectively known as Flannel Moths. This family of moths is known for having hairy caterpillars, which look all fluffy, cute and cuddly (doesn’t this pic look a bit like Donal
d Trump’s wig? )

And although it may look inviting to you, hidden beneath the soft hairs are poisonous spines. If they are handled the spines may break, releasing a chemical which causes excruciating pain, and will also pierce the skin. It can also cause an extreme allergic reaction resulting in rashes, blisters, inflammation, and breathing difficulty. So, if you’re in Peru or anywhere in North America or the New World Tropics where these are usually found, and you come across these, do remember the hidden spines and don’t pick it up!”

Flannel Moth

Crystal Crab Shells

There is something so cool about getting to see behind the curtain of animal life.  Like a glass bottom boat, or a bee hive with a glass wall, or a bird nest by a window.  That is one of the things that makes these crystal hermit crab shells so exciting!  You get to see what exactly is going on inside the shell.  You can see how the crab holds on to his shell, how it twists its body around the contours of the shell,  you can see what it is doing when it is fully inside the shell, and you get to see what the whole animal looks like!  $20 is admittedly a lot of money for a hermit crab shell, but you have to admit that even without the hermit crab, these are beautiful creations.  They are all hand blown crystal by Robert DuGrenier from Vermont.  He can make them in custom sizes, custom colors, stripes, or even gold and platinum!

PetCare Rx

If you like you spoil your pets like we do, PetCare Rx is a great place to start. They offer a deal of the day, where you can land a great price on popular pet items.  You can create an account and score 1 point for every dollar spent, redeemable for discounts. Free shipping on orders over $49 and a $5 coupon when you spend over $35. Just note that the $5 coupon is for a future purchases. Also, check out the sidebar on the left for a cool tool to help you determine the tick threat level based on your zip code.

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How Much Is That Doggy In The window?

I want to start by saying, I’m not sure about this product.  However, it does seem to make sense!  It was just so fun I had to share it.  So, basically it is a little window that you can put in your fence, so your curious four legged friend can get his fix when it comes to what’s on the other side of that fence!  I know that in my backyard the fence on my driveway side goes almost all the way to the next fence, so every time someone pulls into my driveway, my dog runs straight to the little gap between fences to see what’s happening.  I guess this would work the same way!

I can also see these being great additions to tree houses, or forts for the kids!

Never Underestimate A 6 Year Old

This weekend while driving home from a canoe trip with my family I spotted a butterfly on the side of the road.  I pulled over and quickly snatched it before it was demolished by passing cars.  It’s abdomen was squished, and it’s wings were broken.  I gave it to my 6 year old son, who collects all things natural: bones, sticks, rocks and yes, bugs.  After I climbed back into the driver’s seat, my son excitedly exclaimed that the butterfly was still alive!  I explained to him that it’s body was badly damaged from being struck by a car, and he sat silently with the butterfly on his hand.  For the remainder of the car ride, the butterfly crawled all over his arm and hand while he giggled from the ticklish little legs creeping up his skin.

When we returned home, he went into the attic, and got out a small terrarium we had gotten for him.  He brought it outside, and when he came back in, he had set it up with a beautiful display of flowers.  Mostly flowers from the butterfly bush, but also bee balm.  He explained to me that those were the flowers the butterflies like best from our garden.  Then he blew me away as he continued to explain that he wanted to create a place for the butterfly to die in peace.  He said the terrarium was a new safe world for him to spend his last moments alive, where he could eat his favorite flowers, and not worry about anything coming to eat him.  Below you can see the butterflies new safe world where it died within the hour.