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Kids Art Collage

I’m a big fan of kids art.  Keeping their original work is fantastic however I thought this idea found on ArtfulCircle would allow you to display several different “pieces” of art in one large picture.  Such a simple and creative idea.  I love it!

What You’ll Need:

  • A few pieces of kids art
  • A large picture frame – this is a decent 16 x 20 for about $25 on Amazon
  • A circle punch – about $11 on Amazon
  • Mod Podge – about $9 on Amazon

Visit ArtfulCircle for full instructions.

Kids Art Collage

Decorating With Nature

At my house we love decorating our home with found objects from the natural world around us.  We have framed insects, skulls, cool looking sticks and rocks, you name it.  My oldest son is really into collecting feathers, but it is tricky trying to figure out how to display them.  A friend of mine just sent me a link to these amazing frames that are made for displaying leaves, but I think they would be just perfect for feathers as well!  However, the leaves would be really nice too.  The frames are a little expensive, around $26, but the “art” inside them is free, so it is really not a bad deal if you look at it that way.  You can buy them on Amazon, either in horizontal 8 inch, or in the vertical 8 inch.


Homemade Organic Laundry Detergent

Laundry detergent is just one of those things that we have to buy all of the time, and it is not cheap at all.  For a family of four, it seems like we are constantly doing laundry.  I can only imagine the effect that all of that laundering is having on the environment.  This recipe is for an all natural DIY laundry detergent that will not only help save the environment, but will also save your wallet!  If you have hard water at your house, this detergent may even work better than your typical store bought detergents.  It is worth giving it a try!  I got this recipe from ProjectGreenify, and they have recipes for a few other types of detergents, including liquid if you prefer that.


DIY Garden Fountain

Since my oldest son was 3 years old he has been asking for a fountain for our yard.  An interesting request from a toddler that I never really took seriously, but 4 years later, he still wants a fountain!  He has never passed a fountain without stopping to check it out, feeling the water, and standing silently listening to it.  So, we figured we should look into making one, because buying one is just too expensive.  My wife found this great tutorial on Instructables, and although it is no quick project, it can be done in an afternoon, and with mostly found objects, and things you might have around the house.  As the author says, you can really make it out of anything that you can drill a hole in, and run some copper pipe through.  This basic technique can be modified in a million ways, to make a fountain in a pond, or a small water garden, in a half barrel on your deck, etc.  I will probably make mine in a half barrel, and ad some water plants to it.  Tomorrows post will be about making a water plant garden, and I will put the 2 posts together to make my water plant fountain!  Go check it out on Instructables!


DIY Wire Trash Can Side Table

I need a new side table to set beside my bed.  I’ve looked at several furniture stores and they’re either expensive or uninteresting.  So in my true fashion I decided to find a cool DIY side table that even someone as un-crafty as myself can make.  This one is not only stylish but looks incredibly simple.  It’s a no brainer!

For full instructions visit Ana Antunes Home Styling.


Here are a few trashcans that I think will work out perfect for this project!

Slice Alteration Wastebasket – buy on Amazon for around $19


Floating Square Metal Wastebasket by HFD – can be purchased here on Amazon for around $33


DIY Leaf Stepping Stones

What a great project for the kids!  Allowing them to make a semi permanent object to be displayed in the yard is very exciting for them.  They get to show off their creation to the guests at your house, and beam with pride as they explain the process with which they created them.  And, it will look great too!  I have some nice big hosta leaves I’d like to try this with.  I love the photo tutorial I found on I Am Trend too.

To make the cement for your casting I got some nice tips from a poster on, go pick up a bag of Portland cement (not concrete) Portland cement is just the powdered gray part no rocks or sand in it… It’s not hard to find, and everywhere that carries concrete should carry it… Also pick up some fine sand, not the cheap traction sand that has large chunks in it, you want the kids play sand that is nice and smooth…

The mix ratio can vary but 1 part cement to 2 (or 3) parts sand, is a good starting point… Play around a bit with the mix ratios, less sand will be more like plaster, glossy smooth and pretty brittle and flaky and too much sand will get you to the mortar consistency you have experienced already… BTW mortar is simply Portland cement with a high sand and lime dust content… You should be able to find a happy medium around the 1:2 or 1:3 mix ratio…

The 1 part Portland to 2 (or 3) parts sand will be close to your normal concrete consistency, smooth but not brittle…

If you need more strength, you can get some fiberglass flock or strands and mix that in as well…

Make sure to have the large ridges on the underside of the leaf facing up.