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The Sunbathing Companion

It seems like women like to have huge bags with many unnecessary items on hand at all times. When my girlfriends and I head to the beach, this gets to be a bit much, as you want as little as possible for fear of someone snatching your stuff while we are having fun in the water. When I found this precious towel craft, I wanted to go make one right away and hit the hot sand! This extremely simple and even more useful project is a great way to bring your towel and the essentials that are needed for the beach, without the huge tote.


For full directions with photos, check out the “recipe” for cuteness at Moda Bake Shop.


Sunbathing companion2

DIY Soup Can Caddy

As a college student, I am always looking to do two things cheaply — eat and decorate. With this darling Soup Can Caddy decoration, I can use the leftover cans from my cheap dinner to decorate and organize my kitchen. You can add as much extra decoration you would like and all of the supplies can probably found in your craft drawer or garage. The supplies list is small — 3 soup cans (any size), small amount of paint (in two colors), three screws, a wooden dowel, jute and anything else you would like to decorate your caddy. Most of these items can probably be found leftover from other crafts you have completed. I plan on making at least one for our kitchen table this weekend!


Directions on how to make your own can be found at Sow & Dipity.

sewanddipity can caddy

DIY Mason Jar Wall Storage

Living in a house with nine girls will always pose space problems, especially in the bathroom. While searching for ways to utilize our space wisely, I found this cute and simple idea to organize items that usually get lost in a girl’s bathroom, such as bobby pins and hair ties. I plan on making this decorative space saver to hold hair ties, bobby pins, toothbrushes, cotton swabs and maybe even mascara. I have a feeling I will be making more than one, as this could really work for any small item! For example, in the kitchen you could use it for spices, herbs, or even silverware. This might just be the cutest and most versatile craft I have found with mason jars yet!

I will probably not be adding the yardsticks like it shows on the full directions at Upcycled Treasures, but they go in depth with their steps on how to drill the holes in the metal clamps that go around the Mason jars, which was helpful for someone who is not a very good “handyman.”


Upcycled Treasures Mason Jars

Upcycled Treasures

DIY Rainbow Crayons

If you could get a nickle for every broken crayon laying around I think every parent would be rich! I loved this idea as it’s a great way to re-use them and adds a little more pizazz to the crayon collection for the kids.

Check out this project & other great stuff at


What you’ll need:

  • 4 clean tin cans
  • 4 empty Rx pill bottles or film canisters
  • old and broken crayons in 4 different colors


1. Choose one color to start. Remove the paper wrappers from all the broken crayons and break into smaller pieces.

2. Place the broken crayon pieces (making sure they are all the same color) in a clean tin can.

3. Boil some water in a medium saucepan. The water level should be low; just a few inches of water should do the trick.

4. Once the water is boiling, gently place the tin boiling water so the bottom part of the tin can is immersed. Keep a very close watch as the crayons melt; it will only takes only a minute or so.

5. When the crayons have completely melted, work quickly to pour the colored wax in equal parts into the pill bottles or film canisters.

6. Allow the wax to harden; it should harden very quickly (it will take just a few minutes or so) but if you want to speed up the process you can stick them in the freezer briefly.

7. Repeat steps 1 – 5 again, this time with again with a different color crayon: break the pieces of crayon, melt them in a new clean tin, and pour the melted crayon into the bottles on top of the previous color layer (being sure the previous color has completely hardened). Continue doing this with all you crayon colors. You can make as many layers as you like.

8. Once the last layer has hardened, these are surprisingly easy to pop out of the bottles. Carefully stick a knife down into one side and it pop it right without damaging the wax shape at all.

Shrinky Dink Rings

Let me start by saying that I LOVE shrinky dinks.  My kids and I make shrinky dinks all the time.  They make great ornaments, tags, game pieces, colorful mini stained glass to hang in the window, and now rings!  I am rally excited to get to work on this project.  It will probably take a little practice to get all of the timing and sizing right while making these, but the materials could hardly be cheaper.  For about $20 I got 50 sheets of 8×10 shrinky dink paper.  I do have to sand the paper before use, but the savings makes it well worth it!  So, the blog that I found this ring tutorial on asks that the tutorial not be shared.  So if you want the full tutorial, please go to  But basically all you have to do is cut the shrinky dink paper about 3 x bigger than you need, ad your designs, she uses stamps, bake, and then wrap around a form while the plastic is still hot.


Repurposed Keys To Hang Your Keys

My oldest son and I were going through an old bag this weekend, because he wanted to use it.  I hadn’t used it in a while, but it still had a bunch of stuff in it.  One of the things we found was a ring of old keys, keys that I had no idea what locks they opened.  I wanted to see what I could make with them, and I found this great DIY on  I am always losing my keys, and am really in need of a place to put them when I come in the house.  I have a pretty big key chain, It only has 4 keys on it, but I keep lots of small tools hanging on there as well, so I always have what I need.  This would be a great way to keep my keys in the same place every time, and to make something that looks cool to hang by my door!



  1. Place a key in the vise and carefully bend the stem into a hook with the pliers. (This is one thing I would do a little differently. I would use a needle nose pliers, and apply a small amount of heat so that I could bend the keys up a little more without breaking them.)  If you don’t have a vise, bend the key by gripping the stem with the pliers and pressing the head against a hard surface. Repeat with the remaining keys. (Note: If you are using very old circular keys, you will need metal working equipment to heat and bend them).
  2. Line up the bent keys on the piece of wood. Measure and mark the points where you want to attach them.
  3. Attach the keys to the wood with nails or wood screws (for a nice touch, use decorative furniture nails).
  4. Attach to the wall using picture wire, or screw the wood directly to the wall.

DIY Hanging Terrarium

Flowers and plants are great for Mother’s Day but I loved the idea of a DIY Hanging Terrarium.  They add so much beauty to any room you choose to hang them in.  And are great for mom to hang above her desk at work!

For details please visit Home A Sandwich Shoppe

All you need:

  • Hanging Terrariums
  • Succulants



Blue Mason Jar Vase

Mason jars, I love ‘em!  This is a very simple way to make a mason jar into a more efficient and effective flower vase.  My wife loves mason jars, and uses them for everything, but as a flower vase, it just doesn’t always work right.  In just a few minutes, with very little supplies, you can make it work perfectly!  This idea comes from CraftaholicsAnonymous, and I think I will help my kids make some of these for my wife for Mother’s day!  We can present them to her filled with flowers from our garden, and I know she will love them!  Check out the step by step photo guide below for the technique.  Like that beautiful blue color of their mason jars?  Check out their post on making your own Blue Mason Jars!

Screen shot 2013-05-03 at 3.12.22 PM diy-mothers-day-decoration-1-500x592


Colorful Bird Nests

This is a great way to help the birds, have some fun, and reuse old scraps!  Right now I see birds behind my house flying with all manner of straw, string, and grass in their mouths building nests like crazy!  Why not help them along?  Here is an idea from  Just take a nice cheap Suet Feeder, and fill it with old yarn scraps about 4 to 8 inches long!  The birds are usually pretty comfortable with this kind of feeder, and yarn makes great nesting material.  Plus, the birds will have beautiful colorful nests.  How fun would it be to go exploring with the kids in the woods, our around your house to find the nest with the colorful yarn in them, and know that you helped that bird make it’s home?

I know, I was skeptical at first as well, thinking that this would make it easier for predators to find the nests and things like that.  However, FiberFarm did a little research before posting the idea, in this is what they came up with: The Cornell Lab of Ornithology gives yarn scraps a thumbs up. (Scroll down to “Nest Material”). I have also gotten approval from the Audubon Society BEFORE posting this. In other words, actual EXPERTS approve of this project. I’m sure that whatever your cousin’s neighbors best friend had to say about is interesting but I am sticking with EXPERT opinions on this.  But thank you.

9d2e54272c1b1efa792a4e049191b728 DSC_0005-490x731

Water Color Bubble Art

What kid doesn’t love to paint?  Not sure there are too many.  Now combine that with blowing bubbles and you’ve got a sure hit!  This activity looks like an absolute blast with the potential for an absolute mess so in my mind it’s best saved as an outdoor activity for this time of year.  This would be a great afternoon or weekend activity to keep the kids engaged and having a ball!

For details please visit Prudent Baby